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97440 S8 Premium Masks Type II 50pcs


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S8 Premium Masks are for personal protection. These masks are Type II Masks according to EN 14683 guidelines. The 3-layered material provides personal protection and is easy to use. The use of this masks is to prevent spit and mucus from spreading. The masks are for single use and are packed per 50 pieces in a box. Please note: Only when used correctly, a mask can protect according to the guidelines. A mask only works when it fits perfectly around the nose, mouth en face. If it does nog fit properly, air can easily get behind the mask. To ensure that you get the maximum protection from your mouth mask, read the following tips:* A mouth mask protects you against dust particles that can carry the coronavirus. So it doesn't protect you from the virus itself.* Only wear a mouth mask that closes properly. Do you have a beard? Then a mouth mask does not fit airtight on your face.* Face masks are not reusable.* Before use, check that the mouth mask is intact and clean.* Follow the set-up instructions for wearing the mask.* The masks do not protect against gases or vapors.* Do not use the dust / virus mask if the oxygen content in the air is below 19.5%.* Stop use if you have difficulty breathing or become nauseous or dizzy.
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